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Current version: 1.5.3
File size: 0.15 Mb
License: Shareware

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ClipShare review by JoyDownload

Clip Share build a highly profitable online video sharing community.

ClipShare is the ultimate solution for starting your own highly profitable video sharing & uploading community website just like the big boys. Clip Share video sharing software offers a powerful and feature rich solution and most important of all, at an extremely affordable price.

Here are some key features of "ClipShare":

· Display recently viewed videos
· Show last 5 online users and polling question
· Show recent tags
· Ability to invite friends to signup for an account and share videos
· Paypal integrated billing system and members can have the option to select the membership packages during registration
· Search for videos, users and groups
· View member stats - number of videos uploaded, space/bandwidth used, total number of friends, new messages, number of times videos have been viewed
· Display videos uploaded and the video details such as tags, runtime, total views, number of comments, status and video link
· Ability to remove uploaded videos and edit current video file details such as video title, description, video channels, set video as public/private, enable or disable comments/ratings/embed video
· Edit personal profile
· View/rate other member's profile and each user can also subscribe to the member's video
· View video playlist and favorite videos

Video Upload
· Step-by-step video upload for quick and easy uploading of videos
· Each video upload will have a video URL (Permalink) and a embeddable player HTML source code for users to put the video into web pages or MySpace/Friendster profiles

Messaging System
· Compose new messages just like any ordinary emails and send them to the member's network of friends
· View inbox/outbox messages
· Delete email messages

Watch Videos
· ClipShare offers 2 types view: Basic View and Detail View
· Display most recently uploaded videos
· Display most viewed videos
· Display most discussed videos
· Display top favorites videos
· Display top rated videos
· Display recently featured videos
· Display random videos
· Each video uploaded will be streamed using the built-in flash player and members can post comments, rate video, add to favorites and flag video as Featured or Inappropriate

· Display all channels and the total number of videos and groups in each channel
· Each channel will display video listings according to recently added and most watched videos
· Display most active users in each channel

· Display member's group
· Browse groups by: Featured, Recently Added, Most Members, Most Videos and Most Topics
· Members can create a new group and choose a unique group URL. Group owner can set the group type: Public, anyone can join. Protected, requires founder approval to join. Private, by founder invite only, only members can view group details.
· Group owner can edit group settings such as pre-approved video uploads, forum posting and set group icon
· Build-in forum module in each group for members with common interest to interactive with each other and the ability to reply to a post
· View each group detail such as members, videos, group owner and group topics
· Group members can add videos to group and invite members to join the group

· Ability to sort contacts by name or date added
· Display all friends or by contact list
· Members can create new contact list
· Add/remove friends in the contact list
· View friends' videos and favorite lists

Admin Functions

User Management
· Display all members or by status (active/inactive)
· Option to sort member by listing ID, Name, Country or Last login
· Edit/delete/ member profile
· Mass mail or send email to each individual member
· Built-in advance WYSIWYG editor for sending HTML email messages
· Search members by username or user ID

Video Management
· Display all videos uploaded or by video types (public/private)
· Sort video listings by ID, title, Duration, Featured or Date uploaded
· Edit/delete videos uploaded by members
· Display videos that are flagged by viewers as inappropriate and admin can delete video or remove the inappropriate request
· Display videos that are requested by viewers to set as featured and admin can have the option to set video as featured listing or remove the request
· Search videos by video ID
· Channel Management
· Display all channels created and the videos and member group details in each channel
· Sort channel listing by ID or name
· Add/edit/delete channels
· Search for channels by ID or channel name

Groups Management
· Display all groups or by status (public/private/protected)
· Display group details such as owner contact, total video uploaded, members and group topics
· Admin can view group topic details such as topic title, dated created, author, number of posts and approval status
· Set a group as featured
· Ability to moderate group topics
· Ability to edit/delete groups
· Search for groups by ID or group name
· Ability to send an email to select group

Site Settings
· System Configuration
· Ability to edit system settings such as site name, admin email, admin user/pass, listing per page, service type, enable/disable the display of last 5 users, enable/disable polling and configure paypal settings
· Edit static pages such as About Us, Help and Terms of Use using HTML
· Miscellaneous Settings - ability to set video/polling to be rated once or unlimited rating per user
· Reset all member's bandwidth
· Email Settings
· View/edit/delete system email messages. Admin also has the ability to insert email variables into the messages
· Sort email messages by ID or Email subject
· Ability to add new system email messages
· Package Settings
· View/edit/delete membership packages
· Admin can add unlimited packages and set the package details such as package name, descriptions, space, bandwidth, price, max video upload and subscription period
· Advertiser Plug-in
· View all advertising zones
· Ability to edit advertising zones using HTML. Integrate Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) at a click of a mouse
· Admin can enable/disable each advertising zone
· Poll Plug-in
· View all poll questions and the voting results
· Delete existing poll questions
· Add new poll and admin can set the poll duration, poll question and the number of answers


· Linux Server (some old distributions are not supported)
· Apache Web Server
· MySQL (version 4 or higher)
· PHP (version 4.3 or higher)

PHP Configuration:
· safe_mode = off
· register_globals = on (recommended)
· open_basedir = (no value)
· output_buffering = on
· upload_max_filesize = 100M (recommended maximum video upload size in MB)
· post_max_size = 100M (recommended maximum video upload size in MB)

· GD Library 2 or higher
· FFmpeg (
· FFmpeg-PHP (
· Mplayer + Mencoder (
· flv2tool (
· Libogg + Libvorbis (
· LAME MP3 Encoder ( - ClipShare is a product developed by ClipShare. This site is not directly affiliated with ClipShare. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Our download manager distributes the original unmodified software, obtained directly from ClipShare website, and does not modify it in any way.

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